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From steel in the 19th century, to electrical distribution and automation in the 20th and energy management in the 21st, Schneider Electric has always been driven by an international, innovative and responsible mindset to shape the transformation of the industry it was evolving in.

Product Lines

Circuit Breaker, Capacitor Magnetic Contactor, Overload Relays, Industrial Relay, Push Buttons, Pilot Lights, Circuit Breakers, Inverters, Power Relays Smart Motor Controls.

Canalis KBB - Rigid busbar trunking 1 or 2 circuits for lighting distribution

Canalis KBB busbar trunking is a full and compatible range for lighting systems in all types of buildings (garages, workshop, supermarket). It is very heavy duty and has centre-to-centre fixing distances of up to 5 metres, capable of supporting a large number of heavy light fittings.

    Technical characteristics:
  • Length of busbar trunking components: 2 or 3m
  • Rated service current: 25 and 40A
  • Rated tap-off units current: 10 and 16A
  • Rated insulating voltage: 690V
  • Number of circuits: 1 or 2 circuits (2 or 4 conductors)
  • Protection index: IP55
  • Surface treatment: galvanised or white Ral 9010
  • Surface treatment: galvanised or white Ral 9010
  • Regulations: compliant with IEC 60439-2
  • Modular and upgradeable system
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Flexible: possibility to install a light right where it is needed.
  • Has 1 or 2 circuits allowing for example: Twice the number of lighting circuits Creation of a circuit for power sockets Combination of lighting and emergency lighting
  • Halogen free: Canalis does not emit any fumes or toxic gases in the event of fire
  • High protection index IP 55 for all types of buildings
  • Dismantled, re-used and entirely recyclable
  • Industrial buildings: garages, workshops, farm buildings, logistic centres, greenhouses, etc.
  • Commercial centres: Hyper / supermarket, department store
  • Tertiary buildings: exhibition hall, conference centre